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Does reassurance help or hinder in the treatment of pain?

Reassurance is a frequently advocated as a component of patient care in the treatment of pain and is included in many national practice guidelines for musculoskeletal pain management. Reassurance is usually recommended on the basis of an implicit conceptualisation model that assumes that information presented to patients effectively corre… [Read More]

Ideomotor Movement in Pain Management

There are numerous approaches to hands-on treatment used by the manual therapy professions. In osteopathy, manual manipulative techniques are often broadly defined by the terms ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’. Direct technique refers to the application of external force to engage a restrictive barrier and includes mobilisation with impuls… [Read More]

Chronic Pain: The Issue is Not the Tissue!

Recover From Chronic Pain

Experiencing pain is normal. Living with chronic pain is not! It can be a complex problem, but there’s a way forward.
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